Customise mobile case


Please Note this item is not available in cash on delivery

  • Customise leather for any mobile 
  • Hand stitched 
  • Hand color diy
  • Neatly burnish edge
  • Embossed with WF logo 
  • Customise name engraving available ( Extra charges )
Shipping services will be through TCS, M&P and leopards courier
We work to get orders shipped out in 2 -3 business days. After a label is created, you will be provided with a shipment notification and tracking number.
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Before the Industrial Revolution and before sewing machines, all leather goods were handsewn by artisans. For the early pioneers, a well-made pair of leather boots meant the difference between surviving a blizzard or dying of hyphothermia. The hand sewing technique those artisans used is called saddle stitching. Read more

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