Before the Industrial Revolution and before sewing machines, all leather goods were handsewn by artisans. For the early pioneers, a well-made pair of leather boots meant the difference between surviving a blizzard or dying of hyphothermia. The hand sewing technique those artisans used is called saddle stitching....

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At WF Leathercraft everything is handmade and stitched by hand. We don't use machines and pride ourselves on our traditional skills and craftsmanship, crafting each item with passion and attention to detail. Our vision is to design and make elegant, functional leather products for everyday use. Our traditional methods ensure that WF Leathercraft leather goods are made to last and journey with you, developing their own unique character and charm from your environment, making them your own.

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Story Leather specializes in handmade leather goods. With overwhelming customer demand for us to offer customizable leather goods for the non-techies, we are launching a line of fully customizable leather wallets, purses & bags, and more. All leather wallets, purses, and tote-bags are custom made to order, and tailored base on your choice of leather preferences and can be personalized with your name, corporate logo and/or monogram. Perfect gift for men and women.


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