Hello! Thank you for visiting WF Leathercraft  We are a family owned and operated company currently located in Pakistan. We are dedicated to bringing you products with the attention to detail you should expect from quality handcrafted goods. All of our products are meticulously crafted and designed from start to finish with form and function in mind. We strive for minimalist designs that speak for themselves; with the goal to create a product that is undeniably WF Leathercraft.
Throughout my life, I have always had a great appreciation for quality built items of the past and have enjoyed seeking out that same quality in the present day. I believe we can learn a lot from these items in their construction, materials, and longevity.
Leather work specifically has origins that go back centuries. It is an extremely durable material that is used for a multitude of things. I began working with leather in 2016 and very much enjoyed the entire creation process from design to execution. I found leather work to be a creative outlet for me and made the decision to turn my passion for creating leather goods into a business.
I appreciate the value of well crafted goods and I believe you will too.
Thank you for stopping by!
The making of WF Leathercraft wallets
Craftsmanship is what makes WF Leathercraft. All of our products are 100% hand-stitched right here in the PAKISTAN. Stitching by hand creates a stitch that is extremely durable—much stronger than a stitch created with a sewing machine. Not only are our goods packed full of character from the start, but they are made.
A simple promiss
WF Leathercraft is a small-scale, family run business—every product and every customer matters to us. We stand behind every product and guarantee that you’ll love your purchases. If you don’t love your WF Leathercraft purchase, we will make it right—by either giving you another product.